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The Best Yet


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Purchase our 1st EVER greatest hits cd, titled "The Best Yet."  This 18 song collection includes the newly released song "This Is Home", as well as such tracks as "Dare You To Move," Meant To Live," and "This Is Your Life."

Track-listing for CD:

  1. Dare You To Move
  2. Meant To Live
  3. Stars
  4. Oh! Gravity
  5. This Is Home (unreleased, full-band version)
  6. Learning to Breathe
  7. Awakening
  8. This Is Your Life
  9. On Fire
  10. Only Hope
  11. Dirty Second Hands
  12. Love Is the Movement
  13. Company Car
  14. Lonely Nation
  15. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
  16. Concrete Girl
  17. Twenty-Four
  18. The Beautiful Letdown